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Driver CPC - Transport for London - Greener City Driving

Who should attend

This course is only FREE to companies/drivers who are:

  • Members of the Freight Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS)


  • Environmental Awareness- global context
  • London specific environmental issues relating to transport
  • "Don't be Idle"- understanding the consequences of vehicle idling
  • SMART Eco driving techniques - various techniques that can be used to improve fuel efficiency
  • SMARTER Eco driving- "Planning our journey from start to finish"
  • Business benefits of Eco-Driving. What are the gains to the business of being a more efficient driver
  • Personal implications relating to poor driving techniques
  • Current and new technology- helping drivers and our business to operate efficiently

Training can be delivered for up to 20 drivers


Course details & dates

Course Length: 1 Day
Venue: Building 3, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, New Southgate, London, N11 1GN. (Map)

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