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What is periodic training?

Periodic training is continuing professional development for bus, coach and lorry drivers. It carries on throughout the professional driver’s career, no matter how infrequently they drive.

How much training is required?

All drivers must undertake 35 hours of training in every five year period. The minimum length of a training course that contributes to the Periodic Training requirement is 7 hours. This can be delivered as one 7 hour course or two 3½ hour courses delivered within a 24 hour period.

Why do I need to think about this now?

With approximately 1,000,000 drivers in the UK affected, it is estimated that if drivers leave their periodic training until close to the deadlines, there will not be sufficient training provision available to provide everyone with the required periodic training. So employers need to start putting their drivers through their periodic training now. This also enables employers to release drivers for one or two days a year before the deadline, or save money by putting drivers through a 5 day block of training.